Choosing A Category

Choosing the right category for your ad is very important.  Many people search for items by category, so let's make sure your item is in the right place.


What category should I use?  

We have a pretty simple category structure, but sometimes it's difficult to pin an ad to a single category.  If you aren't sure exactly which category best suits your ad, search the listings for similar items to see which categories other sellers have chosen.


I'm advertising an event, where should I post it?

All events belong in the "Community Calendar" category.


I'm advertising a service, where should I post it?

Services should be listed in the "Professional Services" category.  Make sure that you are descriptive of your service in the title and description so that users can find your ad when they search LSN for a specific service.


I get 10 free ads!  Can I post the same item in 10 categories?

No.  This is considered Spamming, and you will likely end up with a suspended account.  We allow up to 3 ads per item, 1 per category.  This is only permitted if the item is relevant to multiple categories.




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    If i was looking for a roommate, what categorie would i put it in

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