Using Credits


Paying with credits is the most convenient way to upgrade ads, perform early renewals, and make other website purchases.  You no longer have to enter your credit card information for every transaction.  Credits save time, simplify the checkout process and your bank statement look more organized without all the small transactions. 

Purchasing credit packs is another way to maximize your advertising budget.  How can buying credits save you money? Discounts are offered for credit packs of 25 and up.  The more you buy the more you save!  Example: A credit is worth $1 and you buy 50 credits for $40, you paid $0.80 cents for a $1 credit.  You saved $0.20 cents on the dollar.

Credit Packs

10 credits cost $10

25 credits cost $20

50 credits cost $40

100 credits cost $80

200 credits cost $140


How do I buy credits?  

Log into your LSN account.  From your account manager control panel, you will see a Buy Credits button.


Click that button and on the next page select the credit pack you wish to purchase and click the Continue button.


Check out using PayPal or your credit card.






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