Adjust Listing Views

There are four ways to view listings on LSN.  The default Thumbnail view, The Grid view, Stacked view, and the Text ONLY.  Changing the listing views to allows you to choose the LSN shopping experience you enjoy.  Simply click the Views icon located at the top right of the listings and select the layout you prefer.



Below are examples of the layouts available: 


The Thumbnails (default) view is a single column layout with compact ad summary and thumbnail.
use thumbnail view »




The Grid view is a two column layout creating a shopping experience similar to social sharing website's collections or "pinboards".
use grid view »




The Stacked view is a single column layout with larger emphasis on photos similar to a newsfeed on social media.
use stacked view »




The Text ONLY view is a single column layout without photos emphasizing the ad title, price and city. This option creates a similar experience as navigating the old Go LSN layout. 
use text view »



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