Writing an effective Ad

You've taken perfect pictures of your items, now it's time to get the details together and create a title and description that attracts users to your listing.  


What makes a good title?

Here are a few examples in order of good to bad: "Black 1996 Ford F150 Truck" is a very specific title and leaves no question about what is for sale.  "Good Work Truck" isn't very specific, but might better describe the condition of the vehicle.  "Truck" does little to add any additional information to your ad (hopefully it's already in the "Trucks" category...).  "****L@@K****" is NOT descriptive of the item, will not be useful for searching, and makes you look like a goofball.

Note: "Title" refers to the title of your ad, not the status of the title for you vehicle.


How do I write a description?

Write what you would say if you were telling someone in person about your item. Describe the item accurately and be truthful about the condition and any damage. Because many of our users find items by using keywords, it is important that you include relevant and descriptive terms in your description, so don't be lazy here. Make sure that you are as descriptive as possible.

Keyword blocks are not permitted, so make sure that relevant terms are worked into the title and description in a natural way.


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