Tips For Better Photos

The ability to take good photos is an very important skill for every LSN seller.  Quality photos help showcase the item and are better at attracting more offers. Take a moment to review the below tips.


  1. Take Landscape photos (turn your phone sideways and rightside up).  Landscape (horizontal) images crop better than Portrait (vertical) images

  2. Upload your first image as landscape orientation to create a better thumbnail and more professional preview image on the ad description page.

    Portrait thumbnails display a default black background color filling the negative areas and the detail preview is often distorted when zoomed . As of May 2023, portrait images are zoomed and centered for full coverage of the thumbnail view. You can adjust the cropped position by opening the crop tool when you post/edit your Ads (tap the thumbnail).
  3. Center your item in the middle of the frame and avoid over cropping images.  Take good landscape photos and let LSN do the cropping.

  4. Take multiple photos.. close ups, different angles, etc.  This can help display the condition of an item and reduce unnecessary buyer questions. 
  5. Get up close to your subject... Distant images don't display enough detail. Allow for a safe amount of space for cropping.
  6. Use good lighting and turn off the flash.  Dark rooms and flash reflections destroy the quality of your photo.  
  7. Do not use a flash photographing reflective surfaces (TV, computer, phones, tablets, mirrors, etc)
  8. If selling multiple items per ad, take individual photos.  Grouped items in one photo is often too cluttered.
  9. Don't take a picture of a picture or a screen capture from another website or app.  It will make the image less eyecatching.
  10. Don't use out of focus or blurry images... take another photo.  Good sharp photos are essential.


The best way to learn to take good photos is to practice.  So follow the above suggestions and experiment.  


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