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Please read and abide by these guidelines detailed in Our Terms Of Use.

  • DO NOT post Ads that contain obscene language
  • DO NOT post Ads for goods or services of an adult nature or related content
    (x-rated, pornographic, sexually explicit, exotic, sensual, novelties, or for mature audiences...)
  • DO NOT solicit any exchange for firearms, ammo, or parts (e.g. firearms, components, fighting knives)
  • DO NOT post anything libel in nature, allegations or negative statements
  • DO NOT post political candidacy Ads or election campaigns
  • DO NOT post comments, opinions, articles or propaganda; this is not a forum or blog
  • DO NOT post products that are replicas or imitations of designer goods
  • DO NOT post information or links to competitive or community sites
    (e.g. Classifieds, Auction, Forum, Community Sites, Facebook Groups...)
  • DO NOT post content regarding "pay for clicks", "referral marketing", "affiliate" or "pyramid" programs
  • DO NOT post Ads with links or urls to websites that contain any of the above content


  • Post ONLY in appropriate categories
  • Post ONLY (1) Ad per item/service in your selected category
  • DO NOT post more than (3) total Ads across categories for the same item or service
  • DO NOT post Ads containing "additional photos"
  • DO NOT post Ads containing keywords unrelated to the item or service
  • Commercial or service entities are limited to (1) free account
  • Multiple accounts promoting the same items or services are prohibited


** Ads found containing the above content will be deleted from our system. Based on the violation, accounts could be suspended or terminated without warning. No refunds for Accounts in violation of our policies. We retain the right to enforce the above at our discretion.


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