Your Storefront page is where LSN customers can learn more about your business, products and services.   All of your post are conveniently showcased in one location to make it easier to shop all of your active sales and promotions.  Your Storefront page includes additional details about your business like your company name, address with map, phone number, website, facebook page and a brief description about your products or services.  Providing company address and phone numbers on your Storefront page promotes your business location and allows for pre-sales phone leads.  Linking a website brands your domain name and encourages consumers to visit your website for additional information or e commerce.  Linking your Facebook Page empowers the consumer to do further research on social media.  Gain the competitive advantage and build consumer confidence by marketing your business with a LSN Storefront page.

How do I get a LSN Storefront page?

The Storefront page is a feature available with the upgrade to the Smart account.  Once upgraded a link to your Storefront appears on each of your active ads.  more info

How do I update my Storefront page information?

Updating a Storefront page is simple… edit your LSN account profile.

  • Add your Company Name
  • You can set permissions on what information you want displayed on your Storefront page (first/last name, address, phone 1, phone 2).
  • Your profile address is used to map your business location on your Storefront page.
  • Add a website or Facebook Page to your Storefront
  • Include a brief description about your business, products or services

Once you have included all relevant information about your business, click the Save Changes button

Promote your LSN storefront page?

Click edit on your account profile.  Locate the My Storefront URL at the bottom of the page.  You can use this URL to link your website and social media pages to your LSN Storefront.

You can also visit your Storefront and use the Social Media share buttons to promote your LSN Storefront page.  Your customers, friends, and family can also use the share buttons to promote your LSN Storefront on their social media news feeds.


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